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vrijdag 22 september 2017

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen: Dimitry Kochenov: 'We are piercing tiny holes in the fences erected by nation states'

Dimitry Kochenov: 'We are piercing tiny holes in the fences erected by nation states'

Ideas about what forms the basis of citizenship have constantly evolved. To view it as being purely about ius soli (right of the soil, ie, for those born in the territory) or ius sanguinis (a blood link) is outdated.Why shouldn't ius pecuniae be among them? Globalisation has turned citizenship into a commodity. Prof. Dimitry Kochenov, a constitutional-law expert at Groningen University, is quoted in The Economist: 'We help people cross barriers and contribute to the societies of their choice'.

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Dimitry Kochenov: 'This is the most 'valuable' country in the world to be a citizen (and it's not the U.S.)'

It's a great time to be German, at least according to one ranking. Henley & Partners, a residence and citizenship planning firm based in the U.K., released its annual Quality of Nationality Index, which it creates with Dimitry Kochenov, professor in European Union constitutional law at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Germany topped the list for the last six years, because of a strong economy and high marks on peace and stability and travel freedom. Read the article in The Money Street.

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New members Young Academy Groningen

Eight new members have officially been installed into the Young Academy Groningen: Ming Cao, Simon Friederich, Joost Keizer, Sonja Pyott, Gert Stulp, Susanne Täuber, Marieke van Vugt and Erin Wilson. They shared their passion for research in a "Research Minute" – a new series of videos.

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VN klimaatcentrum in Energy Academy Europe

Het internationale kenniscentrum voor klimaatadaptatie wordt gehuisvest in Rotterdam en Groningen. De twee steden hebben het UN Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) binnengesleept door samen het meest overtuigende bod op tafel te leggen.

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